Retail is one of the oldest industries in existence, but in this digital age, it is at a tipping point. With the advancement in e-commerce, affordability of computing power, and changing customer shopping habits, the retail industry is experiencing a technological disruption.
Shoppers of this day-and-age want to make more informed decision about the products they purchase.Mobile commerce became mainstream and has become a worldwide phenomenon. Industry experts predict that in order for traditional retailers to survive, they need to change their business model and adapt a digital strategy. We, at Hexagen Technologies, have been developing strategic software solutions for our clients involved in retail busines.

Our Service

Some of the IT solutions we offer for public sector organizations are:

Website and E-commerce Development

A website is like a digital address of your physical retail store where anyone with a internet connection can visit. E-commerce capability gives your website the ability to sell products online and receive payments securely.

Cloud Computing

Forget the fuss of having to manage your own IT servers and infrastructure. We deploy your entire IT infrastructure on the cloud which is both secure and cost effective. Manage all of your customer’s data on the cloud.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps provide a convenient banking solution for your customer where they can pay bills, make transfers, apply for loans, check account statement,
explore offers etc.

Digital Marketing

Reach more potential customers and ship more products by marketing your business digitally. Have your presence of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and communicate with shoppers instantly.

Upcoming technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence are only improving the current landscape which government organizations can take advantage of and implement. We’re committed to investing heavily in these future technologies.

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